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SiliconValley.Tours To Host Innovative Tech Tours of Silicon Valley

Unique one-day Silicon Valley tech tours immerse participants in the innovation culture of Silicon Valley through company visits, expert technology briefings and gadget showcases.

San Mateo, CA – 1/10/2017 –SiliconValley.Tours form teams with Silicon Valley Innovation Center to supply weekly one-day technology tours of Silicon Valley with the very first tour to commence on January 20, 2017. The tours give you a transformative learning experience by combining highly inspirational company visits with product tryouts and executive briefings by Silicon Valley technology experts and entrepreneurs.

In the last couple of years, Silicon Valley has grown in popularity among visitors from all over the world. Driven by unprecedented influence that technology is now playing in people's lives, Silicon Valley has attracted attention from global business visitors eager to know the impact of new technologies on their industries, companies and careers. Silicon Valley Tech Tours are created to help executives, entrepreneurs, MBA students and other business visitors to connect with Silicon Valley.

“Silicon Valley Tech Tours aim at merging experiential learning with transformative insights. On a single hand, you'll have a possiblity to see Silicon Valley's iconic companies – Google, Facebook, Apple. On the other hand, the participants will have a hands-on experience with the most recent technologies, be it trying on the VR glasses, communicating with the newest AI personality or test-driving a legendary Tesla Model X ”, - says Marina Masters, Program Manager at Silicon Valley Tesla test-drive.

Further plans include creating tech tours that address specific topics, such as emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things, etc.), business themes (Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, etc.), industry focus (Innovations in Retail, Real Estate, Transportation, Insurance) and others.

The tours can be considered and booked through the company's website:http://siliconvalley.tours

About SiliconValley.Tours

SiliconValley.Tours is a company designed to advertise the spirit of innovation through unique immersive learning experiences in Silicon Valley for corporate travelers through company visits, executive technology briefings and product tests. To learn more, visitwww.siliconvalley.tours

Media Contact:

Marina Masters

Program Manager


+16502740274 http://www.siliconvalley.tours

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