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CityKey can be a digital concierge tool that empowers hoteliers to facilitate better travel experiences for guests. They are doing this by creating interactive customized city guides which allow hoteliers to curate an experience beyond the hotel’s walls.

“I started my career in hotels almost a half decade ago working at the front end desk of a four diamond ski resort in Jackson Hole Wyoming and it was amazing to find out the level of curation that went into developing a seamless and differentiated high touch guest experience. The very best hoteliers realize that this experience is key driver with their business. We even went until now regarding control what guests smelled within the hotel through aroma injections in the ventilation”, said co-founder Adam Hollander. “What always intrigued me though was the contrast between this advanced level of curation, and how little hotels do to curate another 50 % of the guest journey, the experiences they already have beyond the hotel.”

If it was on the surf journey to Australia or maybe a business travel to Nyc, activity planning was an acute pain for that twin brothers and co-founders of CityKey. They didn’t trust all things to all people sites like Trip Advisor, yet they didn’t have the time to search for and validate blogs and content sites that expose authentic local experiences. The brothers conceived CityKey in an effort to solve this pain for consumers while giving credit to hoteliers.

The brothers’ paths converged while Adam was consulting for Silicon Valley based hotel tech darling CheckMate.io, and Jordan was operating in strategic partnerships at Starwood Hotel’s corporate offices.

“Given the massive reach of OTAs and rising SEM expenditures, industry wide guest acquisition costs have outpaced RevPaR growth lately. Acquisition costs for upscale brands run north of 15-20% and will be significantly higher for unbranded players. You’ve probably heard about in room entertainment, but we’ve built a platform for hotels to deliver differentiated out of room entertainment,” says Jordan Hollander, “Unique experiences increase guest return visits and enhance social websites content shareability to decrease guest acquisition spend.”

Each CityKey guide is unique towards the specific hotel no two are alike. Additionally, CityKey’s branding is absent to guests, allowing hotels to convey their unique voice, brand, and curated experience totally free of alternative party branding.

Each hotel’s answer to the metropolis is forged by tapping into CityKey’s vast content database with thousands of curated activities and experiences generated by their team of professional travel writers.

“For a hotel to develop a city guide like ours, even as a static website without any functionality, would cost them about $15,000 between content creation, design, and development. We offer dynamic city guides with functionality for example: an expansive updated content database, guest profiles, itinerary creation, direct bookings and guest preference analytics that couldn’t be achieved by way of a static website,” said Hollander.

CityKey is already stay in several Bay Area hotels including the Casa Madrona Hotel & Spa, a historic luxury boutique having a $10,000/night presidential suite perched atop the Sausalito hillside overlooking San Francisco’s Richardson Bay. CityKey has undergone rapid growth and possesses expanded service to Chicago, La and Ny.

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