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Marquetry gifts, offers a and interior prducts

The word hails from french phrase marquer, which implies to tag. Marquetry is also a form of decorative art (mosaic on wood).

The craft variety of decorative design made of curved veneer parts (a thickness of .5 - 1 millimeters, various colour and texture of timber). Incredible mosaic aspects lower in the t-shirt background veneer in accordance with the sketch (preformed in writing, fastened with sticky papers, then with the history stuck beneath tension to the area decorated with furniture and items. Another mosaic woodwork make impartial artistic panels and compositions. Buy marquetry floors includes a great decorative qualities, the modern technology definitely satisfies in high quality home furniture of the delayed Midsection Age ranges, the Renaissance, within the furniture Classicist and Empire color Temperature, the richest normal design, delicate rich colors of hardwood, it attracts interest, giving a great cosmetic enjoyment Furnishings with marquetry - current adornment for any high-stop wood internal.

The organization "Marquetry" gives a wide array of gift packages and boxes. We sell and produce a range, such as unique goods in this field.

You need the most initial and top quality gift covering - why would I purchase it from us? This really is for a lot of reasons:

• Our team carries a reliable practical experience - from the later 1990s towards the present-day, we produce wrapping and demo components;

• In production, we not only take into account modern trends in the world of design, but also use the latest manufacturing techniques;

• Organization "Marquetry" All merchandise is eco-friendly;

• We stock out specific orders placed, we make an unusual present wrapping for particular occasions - wedding party, anniversary;

• We work together with people along with enterprises;

• Development and implementation of the authentic style of gift boxes;

• Discounts and competitive prices for all those providers;

• A wide array of gift idea packages in almost any type - in the stringent and enterprise to enchanting and sensitive.

• Utilization in the creation of many different resources - wood, paper, cloth and leather acrylic;

• Use of engraving, display screen publishing and embossing, plates and shields.

You're wrong if you thought that the creation of the packaging - it's easy. Of course, paper bags can glue all, but to create original products that will look decent frame for your gift can only qualified, experienced professionals who are working in our team.

Gift item bins of "Marquetry" - is the perfect complement of the gift idea. And the ability to enhance any high quality bundle simply leaves place to the imagination in the developer. In order to arrange a specific event accordingly, beautiful boxes and cases, wooden boxes, wedding packages range - all this creates. If your choice - the company "Marquetry", you will get a guarantee of quality and consistently high level of production.

How you can generate marquetry

Sketch attracting that chose to put into practice an expert in mosaics is transferred to graph pieces of paper. The wizard then decided paints and colors the image watercolors in line with the minds.

Thick cardboard material is commonly used for the design, which is lower and attach to the veneer, encircle the contour pen. Wooden sections lower unique sharpened knife, cutter or jigsaw.

Each of the factors of the image is stuck towards the format joiner's fasten, attempting to in shape them as close to each other. Even small spaces involving the curly bits of veneer are certainly not allowed! Also, the timber items are not glued towards the foundation document, and merge all of them with tape. So the reception are experienced masters.

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