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What Goes On When We Die?

A Little Peek within the Afterlife

As being a psychic medium in excess of thirty-5 years, I have got been blessed with the opportunity to receive a glimpse in to the afterlife and what happens after we die. I truly believe if everyone could see the things i see, not one person would be fearful of death. Not surprisingly, I am, like most people, terrified of a violent or painful death, but when I have got left the premises I realize you can find nothing to fear. Please let me share one of the most common experiences of souls since they cross to the spirit world.

Whatever form your dying will take, your transition into the afterlife will share many elements with a lot of other souls. Often the first experience will be the presence of a family member, a spirit guide, and even an angel. Sometimes you will find several of these kinds of spirits expecting you. For example, each time I have got seen a young child cross over, at least, 2 or 3, angels accompany the kid on the opposite side.

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Often I am just told (with the departed soul) “my mother as well as other beloved was looking forward to me.” Sometimes these are waiting at one’s bedside, often for days before they pass, or perhaps past the veil. Accompanying the departed when they have passed via the tunnel and in to the light.

Then there is the way it is of older souls who definitely have done this dance often without any longer need an escort, who travel on their own, at their particular pace. These souls are frequently given greater autonomy and permitted to decide when and just how they’re crossing can happen.

As soon as your soul has crossed into spirit and arrives on the other side you might be surprised to uncover things looking rather the same as earth- only much, considerably more beautiful. Anything you anticipate seeing you might see; in case you expect pearly gates, a grand cathedral, a Japanese pagoda, as well as an open field of flowers- you could possibly very well look at it. Whatever your soul finds to be one of the most sacred website is what you would see. If you learn nature to get holy and sacred; why no field of lovely fragrant flowers?

In this place, your soul will feel good peace, tremendous love, along with a kind of euphoria it includes never experienced while in the physical world. A shower of divine healing light energy will shimmer down upon you, washing away any earthly pain or sadness. You can find sweet vibrational music along with the smells of all the wonderful stuff you loved. It doesn't matter you any more own a nose; your memory from the scent is very stronger and much more pure. Here you might be reunited with someone close, a pet, perhaps, or even your spirit guide.

For those who have soaked up enough of this energy and they are ready, your spirit guide will start what I really like to call your “debriefing.” I’m sure you may have heard of people that have died and come back saying “I saw my whole life flash before my eyes.” Well, it’s way over that. You can expect to re-experience every moment of your earthly life from the time they cut the cord, to the moment you gave the ghost. Only this will not merely be some movie playing that you should watch you can expect to relive it.

Laura Zibalese


Nov. 2015

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