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How to earn money while on a trip

After amazing time put in Cambodia next stop was Vietnam. I continued traveling there with my great friends I met while volunteering in Siem Reap. We crossed whole country in the South approximately the North of Vietnam. Still there we had been a small group of six

a few of my pals stopped for your week to show english as volunteers in Da Nang. Me and my other friend continued our journey to Hanoi. After number of weeks there unfortunately we needed to split. Saddest day of whole journey…I have to admit that people I met in Cambodia were best travel buddies and great friends. We spent together 24/7 , not only for traveling but doing everything together- eating, watching movies, partying, chilling, each of the adventures and new thing we learnt from the other person are inolvidable.

After that great journey it was time personally to travel alone and check out spend 4 weeks in Malaysia/Singapore with my lovely sister Domi. Before our meeting I spent 1 week alone in Malaysia along with great experience couchsurfing in Johor Bahru. Singapore was really nice experience even tho it was actually extremely expensive comparing with all of those other places I have been before.

I am mentioning all this places as being a good example that you can realise that Asia it is not always so cheap, but there are actually cheap ways to get it done. Here you may have few of them:


It is a very known worldwide community. It is actually liberated to join and simple to operate. Only make your profile and then there you go. Several of my girlfriends think that you can use Couchsurfing just if you have your apartment available for fellow members to keep at. That’s not true. I’ve been member for many years rather than always had an area for other people to settle at. However I tried in order to meet up with people going to my city, go for local meetings etc. As well enjoyed couchsurfing while traveling.

Do it now! Enjoy backpacking, you could stay with locals and/or browse the place with locals. Opt for meetings, language exchanges, meet new travellers, make new friends.

2. Make Use Of Your ABILITIES

I am sure there is something you can do. It’s singing, guitar playing, dancing etc. You can do as many things to earn some extra money while on a trip, as wide can be your imagination. It is possible to question job in local bars like a waiter(check out for bars which centered on backpackers and travellers) or at hostels. Often you might not get compensated by cash, however you can receive some food and free accommodation in change. That provides you the opportunity to save some money when you are visiting some places. After couple of months of traveling I (naturally) went low on cash, so I needed to start working or perhaps spending less money. I stopped in Hanoi for around 5-six months and started working there at very known in Vietnam hostel- Vietnambackpackers hostel. I worked there as a tour-guide, selling trips we organised round the country and hosting people that stayed there. I used to be really lucky, cos I purchased paid for it and so i got free(limited) drinks and food so when well free(limited) accommodation! So s you can see it is really not so bad.


Sound really tough, but trust me I was thinking the identical and check what went down. To create your blog post is extremely basic and cheap. Nowadays there may be so many websites with easy to manage platforms. If you enjoy writing or telling stories just give it a try.

Do this few simple steps to begin with:

*Choose a blogging service, domain address, and hosting option.

*Design your website utilizing a simple theme.

*Find the best plugins to your blog.

*Write great content.

Your blog Not really really needs to be about travelling, you are able to discuss all you want or know, want it, fashion, gaming, design etc. etc.

Once getting the own site and big audience, you can start earning additional money by joining an affiliates programs. Consider that all the process is taking energy and time.

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