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44-40 Winchester Ammo, a wealthy History

.44-40 Winchester ammo has created many names throughout the years, and is also often described by its common name of .44-40 Winchester, or just 44-40 ammo. You can even see .44 WCF, or .44 Largo at the same time.

At Powder River Cartridge our 44-40 ammo is really a terrific all-around load. 44-40 ammo happens to be synonymous with as a true pistol and rifle round, however through an accurate, quality round that works well both in is hard to come by. That is why we only work with the best 44-40 ammo components will be to create our these hand-loaded masterpieces. By way of example, our 44-40 ammo is handcrafted with beautiful, new Starline Brass and Lazer-Cast silver alloy bullets, with the maximum amount of focus on detail like we were loading for our own own prized Winchester 1873. Regardless if you are shooting deer away from the saddle of your own trusty old mare, or competing for your Cowboy Action title, this iconic cartridge will complete the work.

44-40 ammo has a rich history is the growth of an excellent country which is often connected to “The Gun That Won The West”. Winchester introduced the then .44 Winchester because the standard chambering for his or her new model 1873 rifle, which over the years became termed as “the Gun That Won The West”. As popularity grew for that new cartridge it gathered various names for instance .44-40 which will come coming from the caliber .44, along with the popular black powder load of the time 40 grains. This is a fairly common naming system in those days. You will additionally see 44-40 ammo referred to as .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), or .44 Largo is Spanish speaking countries. 44-40 winchester was actually the first to be both a pistol and a rifle cartridge. This really become popular as the ability to be able to only need one caliber for your short range weapon plus your long gun was actually a huge advantage in the old west.

You can find nothing like shooting an iconic caliber that has shaped history like 44-40 ammo and “The Gun That Won The West” has. People say 44-40 ammo has killed more men positive and negative, and much more game animals that pretty much any other caliber throughout history. I don’t know that you could ever prove that fact just make sure hold a 44-40 round, you sense just like your holding history with your hand.

At Powder River Cartridge, we take extreme pride within our work plus it shows in the craftsmanship in our ammunition. Our 44-40 ammo is no exception. These cartridges are common hand-packed with just as much care and focus on detail as if we were loading them for all our own prized rifle.

We craft our 44-40 ammo from the very best quality components available on the market. Which produces (you guessed it) the highest quality 44-40 ammo available. A clean, accurate, and dependable round that you could trust. We provide our 44-40 ammo in standard 50 round boxes or even in bulk 200 round bulk ammo boxes at the same time. See both here 44-40 Ammo.

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