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Magnetic Materials

Most of the people recognize magnets as toys or materials with limited applicability like refrigerator magnets or simple magnets to hold papers when linked to metallic surface. What many people do not know is actually magnetic materials (magnets) have an array of applications in many parts of our everyday life like medical services, security devices, communications, transportation and also nowadays magnetic materials are wide utilize in areas like jewelry where the creation of magnetic bracelets and earrings has change the way people conceive magnetism. This is presented a review of the key applications that magnetic materials have nowadays and the future applicability of your new types of materials which are produce lately.


Compasses represent a traditional implementation of magnets. A compass is definitely an instrument use to measure directions using as reference the earth's magnetic poles. The frame of reference consists of the 4 cardinal points, north, south, east and west. The magnetic compass interacts using the earth magnetic field, which is sort of a giant bar magnet, pointing on the magnetic poles from the earth.

permanent magnets

The Chinese were the first one to note these phenomena despite their lack of information with regards to the electromagnetic forces that can cause this effect. The compass was invented through the Han Dynasty in between the second century BC along with the first century AD and was only employed for navigation by the eleventh century. In the future it was unveiled in Europe where was replaced from the dry compass. Inside the 20th century the liquid-filled magnetic compass was introduced. The invention with the compass was definitely probably the most important creations in the history of humanity.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI is really a technique widely use nowadays in medicine to the diagnosis of different diseases like cancer. It main use banks on the construction of images of internal organs from the body avoiding the application of surgery to uncover and diagnose the condition. Because the body is made up of mainly water molecules, MRI uses the properties of water in the inclusion of a higher magnetic field to generate an anatomical picture of specific parts of the body, being especially a good choice for the imaging from the brain, muscles as well as the heart. Inside a MRI device a magnetic field is utilized for making hydrogen atoms in water molecules resonate with a given frequency and after that a radiofrequency pulse is applied changing the electricity state with the spins. If the radiofrequency pulse stops, electromagnetic signals are emitted due to the relaxing of the spins; it is detected via the instrument and an image is created making the most of tissue contrast.

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