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Movers - 7 Strategies for Discovering the right Moving Company

Quick Summary

Get referrals from local realtors and friends with moved recently.

Only consider movers that happen to be licensed, bonded and insured.

Investigate your potential movers

Evaluate at least 3 movers according to in-home estimates of goods to become moved.

Price isn't the sole factor- extremely low bids indicate a desperate mover.

Demand written "Binding Not-To-Exceed" estimates.

Avoid "rogue movers"- if you believe uncomfortable, have confidence in instincts!

The Important Points

If you want to hire professional movers, you're confronted by a large decision- how do you find reputable movers or moving companies? The great news is that a modest amount of time spent on researching potential movers can assist insure a stress-free move. This short article outlines those research steps.

Getting Started: Referrals

Getting referrals is clearly the easiest method to start your review of potential moving companies. Although the Online Directory (for people who is able to even find their phone books!) and web searches will help, referrals offers the ideal leads. Ask your pals, co-workers and new neighbors concerning their experiences. Look for those who have moved during the past 12 months, as companies' quality changes with time. Make sure you require details for example the names of men and women they dealt with, what went well, and what to watch out for. Even specifics of moves that didn't go well can be helpful.

Along with friends and co-workers, try to get referrals from industry professionals. Talk with your leasing agent or real estate agent for experiences of these clients- they could be a lot of helpful tips. In case you benefit a big company, seek advice from a persons Resources department to ascertain if they have a person who works together relocation (even when you're not receiving relocation assistance- they can be able to pass on useful information anyway). Getting these kinds of referrals could possibly get your homework going on the best foot.


Movers are regulated by federal, state and native laws. On the federal level, a moving company that carries goods across state lines (interstate) should be licensed from the Department of Transportation (the DOT will not regulate local movers austin). Within the state level, laws vary widely, and a few states (Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont) don't require moving companies to experience a separate license. For those that do, verify which the licenses are current. We suggest that your movers be bonded and insured, both as proof which the clients are legitimate and financial stability in case the worst happens and you will need to file an insurance claim.

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