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Android media player

Bring the globe in your television. The 2015 Sourcingbay Streaming TV Stick is undoubtedly an inexpensive media streaming adapter - generally known as a "dongle" - that turns any HDMI-equipped television into an app-driven smart TV. This little device takes digital content from services like YouTube, Netflix and HuluPlus, and gets them on your big screen without complicated cables or boxes.The Cortex-A5 Quad Core Processor with as much as 1.5 Ghz operating speed minimizes annoying buffering, while full HD 1080p delivers the highest-resolution transmission for sharp, vibrant images. Convenient and compact. This convenient streaming stick needs no batteries or power supply. It derives its' power from your USB port that it must be plugged into. Stream out of your Android 4.2 or 4.4 phone or tablet with apps you download through the Google Play Store. The ever-growing game, video, music, news and social apps when you need it enable you to change your TV with countless streaming options. Watch a movie without having a costly cable provider. Check out your Facebook feed through the comfort of your bed when insomnia strikes at 3:00 a.m. With just the 2015 Sourcingbay Streaming TV Stick along with a Wi-Fi connection, your entertainment alternatives are now limited only through your imagination. Measuring just 38mm x 94mm, you can slip the Streaming TV Stick discreetly into a pocket, purse or carry-on luggage for business travel or house-sitting. Keep the world inside the palm of the hand. Add the 2015 Sourcingbay Streaming TV Stick to your basket today.

f you will be searching for an Android TV dongle, then you definitely will without a doubt have to have a remote control to interact along with your now-smart TV. Now you ask, what sort of remote will continue to work suitable for your circumstances?

Pre-Packaged Android TV Remote Controller

Most HDMI and USB TV dongle packages include their very own remote controllers, making these a busy schedule-to solutions for working with an tv dongle android. These look much like your standard TV remote - rectangular blocks with various buttons that you should fiddle around with.

It is a simple solution that will get the job done, although manipulating the Android media interface can be very cumbersome. This is especially true when inputting text and numbers, that requires plenty of tricky button pressing. Follow this solution if you wish to keep costs down and are likely to bear having a somewhat cumbersome input.

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