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Ways to find the Right Game Development Platform

Game development is growing popular due to the engaging and exciting games developed these days. In regards to game development, the first and foremost thing that game developers need to reach is definitely the game development platform. Choosing an incorrect platform can result in wastage of energy, money, and efforts. Getting acquainted with a brand new development engine involves a lot of time and cash. Deciding on the best platform for game development is incredibly crucial as it is one of the most critical decisions. To solve the dilemmas faced by developers in using this decision, I am just presenting this post comparing the attributes of Unity, Corona SDK and AndEngine. I will also justify the effectiveness of Unity over other game engines.



When you get into the keywords- Android Game Development Engine what you should get into the very first search result is AndEngine. It is an open source platform useful for Android game development. This lightweight and powerful game engine offers 2D development platform to game developers. Whilst supporting advanced OpenGL functionality, it delivers games native to Android. One of the main strengths in this game engine is its lightweight architecture as well as its amalgamation into Eclipse. It utilizes Java mostly.


Despite its striking features, AndEngine is not really well-maintained. Their webpage is akin to that from 2000s wherein there are a number of broken links. Insufficient documentation makes using AndEngine an issue for amateurs. Moreover, the system functions simply for Android apps and this leads to utilization of a longer period and resources. Thus, it might rightly be concluded that this game engine will make its exit from your game field.

Corona SDK:

This cross-platform engine helps with game development company as well as publishing. Numerous games have utilized it because of the powerful features it gives you. With Corona you need a single code to deploy the game on both iOS and Android. One of the leading benefits related to it really is you will find no charges for making use of it.

This game engine is popular due to its support and documentation. In addition to game apps also, it is used to create business apps. It packages your code into a software which is compatible with most of the major systems. This is why it gains a good edge over AndEngine.


In regards to cross-platform publishing you need to anticipate to provide some amount of money more. To be able to interpret the code that works well both with Android and iOS, Corona SDK works by using its unique programming language Lua, a variant of C#.

That is why it may be easily learnt by iOS developers. However, for other platform developers Lua is a challenge. On this era of rapid apps development wherein a developer is anticipated to master around 4 to 5 languages to churn out basic program, learning a new language can be quite a task. In order to use Corona SDK you need to have an internet connection because the publishing process is accomplished on Corona's servers. You will need to upload your code in addition to graphical assets to have the working file package. Although the world is certainly going online remains connected during development may seem like difficult.

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