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Is Technical Diving Only for the Insane and Hardcore Scuba Diver?

You might have seen photos of these scuba divers. You may have even seen them walking for your local dive site. There is a plethora of gear on, almost all of it appears heavy. They also have hoses running in several directions. Extra bottles hanging away from the side ones. You think to yourself; they must be nuts to ever enjoy deep-sea diving in that way. Additionally you re-affirm to yourself which you don't have what it takes to become Technical Scuba Diver. Still, you start to wonder simply how much more you could potentially determine if you could stay down longer. What else has gone out there that you should explore if you have that extra air...

Now, at this time soon enough I am going to point out that Technical Scuba Diving is actually a choice you have to make. Reason for that; specifically is MINDSET! In case you are interested in being a Technical Diver (Tec Diver), you must accept the mental requirements who go along with becoming a Tec Diver. This may not be a "next logical step" in Shark Cage Diving Hawaii. As being a recreational scuba diver, you have ample the opportunity to explore your boundaries and what King Neptune and Nature have to offer you. Still, this post is about dispelling several myths out there about turning into a Tec Diver.

Technical Deep-sea Diving is surely an equipment intensive sport. As a consequence of what you are actually planning and what your desires are, you need to have extra equipment with you. You don't will need to go out and spend ten thousand on new equipment and gear. We will talk just a little later about training programs. To be a PADI Instructor, while using PADI system, you I don't have my students purchase everything at one time. You should attempt several things first, to see the things you like before just opening the wallet up and spending money (Moreover, if you think you want to do that, please contact me. I can help you spend it). Let's talk concerning how to end up in Technical Diving without having to break open a whole new mortgage.

Many training organizations provide an Intro to Technical Diving class, or possibly a step program into Technical Diving. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) broke their Technical Diving program into multiple phases. The primary 3 phases, you feel a technical diver and certify within the areas before getting to Trimix or another technical diving gas mixtures. Their strategy is divided into Tec40; Tec45; and Tec50 (Broken down in the meters a technical diver is certified too). For that basis in this conversation, we are going to remain in the Tec40 certification. Reason being is Tec40 provides a max depth of 130 feet. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Tec40 keeps you within Recreational Deep-sea diving limits. Our focus with Tec40 is to start learning how to plan, build skills and extend our bottom time for a similar depth that individuals should already be certified for.

Which makes Tec40 the perfect spot for somebody to get started in Technical diving. Equipment wise, you could possibly take advantage of the same equipment that you will be currently using at the moment. Tec40 requires that you may have 2 independent breathing sources. This can be accomplished by putting an "H" Valve on the current diving cylinder (this lets you the capability to shut one source of air off while breathing in the other regulator). Or you could carry another Deco or Pony bottle. NO, an extra Air will never work for this. I would recommend at the least a 40cuft cylinder for your additional bottle. There exists your second breathing source. No requirement of doubles right here. You might ought to purchase another cylinder and the other regulator create. Other benefit here, if you want to keep on with Tec Diving, now you have equipment purchased for future certifications. You have just spread the fee for equipment out a little.

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