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John Song Potomac

As a possible economist, John Song Potomac knows the importance of corporate responsibility. Nowadays, there are other and more companies involved in social responsibility. They have even been recognized for their efforts in being good corporate citizens. John Song Potomac lists some great benefits of these as customer care; attract capital, retention and recruitment of employees. But you will discover steps companies need to take in order to be good corporate citizens; it cannot just happen overnight.

John Song Potomac’s advice is to first know which issue you intend to identify and address. There are many sums of issues people have concerns about. This could range from the planet, a greater workplace and community involvement. John Song Potomac has identified five stages of social responsibility. Say for instance a company is accused of wrongdoing even if they somehow play a tiny role, they have an inclination to get defensive usually denying their involvement.

Then some companies become compliant and carry out the wishes of the public. This is certainly as a way to make an attempt to save their reputation by complying with what critics have to say. John Song Potomac sees that due to Internet, companies have to monitor just what is being said about the subject on the internet act now immediately. There were certain instances where staff is doing disgusting stiff into the ingredients before serving these people to customers. As soon as a problem has grown to become serious, John Song Potomac will advise management to step up and assume responsibility. Within the strategic stage, companies commence to observe that everyone is responding favorably on their actions, which is certainly providing them with a competitive edge. Lastly, the firms will know that exactly what they have accomplished was impactful and may ask others to follow along with suit.

It is never fun to endure these kinds of exercise. But companies have to have a plan beforehand if something such as this ever happens to their company. When undergoing this, it may be best if you hire a specialist who has helped companies manage crisis. Crisis management agencies are a great starting point. John Song Potomac has seen his share of the items occurs to businesses after they go through this and ones that have been ready has experienced a much better enough time to cope than ones who don’t. 

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