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Why a Boho Bag?

In terms of original gifts or maybe having something unique for ourselves, nothing might be superior to something hand made. Today you can find increasing numbers of people seeking everything from jewelry to bags, phone cases, along with other quality things made on request by master hands. It can be now a very popular income source for talented people in addition to a perfect chance of everybody to obtain an awesome gift.

Among popular handmade items, bohemian bags are in high demand among customers now. A bohemian bag (generally known as a “mochila bag”) is among the finest bags on the market today today. These bags gained popularity due to the fact that they are put together by women from Wayuu tribe in Colombia. So when purchasing this type of bag it means you support Wayuu ladies who are committed to their work and create these items for you with passion and love.

An essential fact to indicate about bohemian bags is because they are of top quality and each item is unique. There are no two similar designs. Each bag is exclusive. And this is amazing given that you definitely want to feel special wearing a bag nobody else will surely have. Naturally the fabric is the same and the overall design, but each new bag has something new and acquires a brand new look.

The Wayuu tribe includes indigenous Latin American people situated in the desert of La Guajira Peninsula. These folks are untouched my modern life and in addition they are now living in absolute harmony with nature. They generate marvelous bags and other people are now trying to enable them to increase their lives by promoting these Wayuu goods around the globe.

These unique bags bear the culture and spirit of your tribe. Besides the truth that women are the ones who create these beautiful bags, they are also the household center and cultural leaders of their community. This proves their both physical and spiritual power which enables them lead.

When ordering a boho bag it usually takes four weeks being made. Each bag is around 11" high and 9" wide. Wayuu women use different weaving techniques, patterns and shadings when creating bags in your case. You will discover an array of styles that can meet the requirements and preferences of everybody.

It is possible to view the range of bohemian bags on https://wayuuque.myshopify.com/ and grab the one the suits you. 

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