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John Song Potomac

In simple terms, an enterprise exists to supply products or services to customers to create a profit on sales. Customers don’t really mean these are customers. For example take restaurants. They should buy” raw materials” like vegetables and alcohol. They are not those consuming it and definitely will market it again within a different form, which is altered slightly. However, if you look at food markets, they buy their goods ready for use after which resell the exact same product towards the end user.

John Song Potomac Baltimore, a marketer who owns his agency, possesses the mindset that regardless that a business is selling an item, every clients are selling something following the morning. Take Wal-Mart of example: they sell goods however their capacity to have great logistics gives consumers a price advantage. They even have employees at the shop to help individuals find what they are seeking. After purchase support also enters into the equation since companies should help customers out with the products. These are all services that increase the value of the “product”.

In business, there are several parties involved. There are co-owners or perhaps owner of an business whose role is always to fund the business. It is the owner who generally comes up with the idea and brings it into fruition and brings together the resources, human and capital, to find the idea in to a real business. Through marketing, businesses need to know ways to get customers and make certain they are satisfied. John Song Potomac says there should be three vital parts in starting a corporation. You need to have the vision of where they need to consider the business and discover how to communicate their idea to stakeholders, there should be one person who create the product and might make changes in it at a later time as needed. The next person needs to be the marketing guy. It is necessary for your brand to become communicated well while watching right people.

As soon as a firm is adequate enough, it is usually divided up in numerous amounts of functional areas. You will find management, marketing, accounting, operations, finance while others according to the type of business you are in. John Song Potomac always provides the advice that these organizations should always talk to each other. The silos needs to be broken down each department should combine to go about the points that need to be improved and precisely what is being carried out correctly. John Song Potomac sees that companies will not operate in a vacuum. You can find factors involved. 

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