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4 Types of Art to Witness in Online Art Galleries

Indian art galleries are known for displaying various types of art forms which enjoy lots of popularity among art lovers. Read and know exactly about 4 types of in which are displayed commonly in online art galleries in India.

Art galleries in India are filled with works of many talented artists. People often flock to such venues for that finest new kinds of works from artists who may be big names in the world of art during the coming years. If you enjoy to witness and savor the best of modern art, you must visit these art gallery bengal. Listed below are 4 kinds of art which can be commonly displayed in online galleries.

Cubist Art

Cubism was a popular 20th century movement that fully changed the sense about European sculpture and painting. Gradually, it evolved through various subdivisions of interpretation, through the initial times of the 'Analytic Cubism' of French times to the famous 'Synthetic Cubism' of later times.

This kind of art features various images and objects that happen to be changed and frequently regenerated to generate much potential of interpretations, according to what are the viewer senses being seeing. In Cubist art, it is usually that the images depicted are misshapen through odd angles which build a delusory a feeling of space that may almost take away the sense of depth in the art object. The most famous artist of the movement is Pablo Picasso from Spain, along with the recreations of his works are usually featured in online art gallery.

Abstract Art

This style of art comes with a dreamy quality, which showcases the world via imagery which frequently features shapes and objects that appear to be recognizable in the beginning. However, these are distorted simultaneously for viewers to view something beyond which the first impression they may have with regards to the art.

This particular art did start to manifest inside the late 1800s, plus it co-occurred having a society that has been undergoing change resulting from industrial revolution and completely new technology which came to be used for the first time. Suddenly, it made the once familiar world commence to look unusual. Abstract style had its champion in Robert Delaunay, the famous French artist.

Impressionist art

In relation to high sale paintings online, Impressionist paintings are probably the top of the heap. The movement of Impressionism arose in Paris throughout the late 1800s. Today, it is recognized as one of the greatest artistic movements. However, if it was introduced first, most art enthusiasts did not respect it much as they regarded so that it is too totally different from standard tastes.

These kinds of art contains effective but minimal angles and brush strokes, which brought about a unique effect. The movement has a popular face in Claude Monet.


This sort of movement started via paintings but quickly also became a part of various other kinds of art forms, for instance films and photography. It often led to art which showed disturbing imagery along with great shock value, and greatly polarized audiences and critics.

The surrealist movement was led by Andre Breton, and began to be a revolutionary movement. It changed the common preferences with the bourgeoisie. This sort of art was an evolution in the Dada art movement following World War I.

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