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The way to Organize a global Repatriation?

Being forced to confront death of a relative or possibly a close friend is definitely painful. It is actually, however, exceptionally distressing when death occurs abroad.

Many people have in past times been compelled to leave their own home countries due to various reasons. That they had no other choice, but to leave for unfamiliar destinations. A large number of people only had one wish - to someday return to their homeland. A lot of them succeeded by doing this, even though the others died either too quickly or abruptly, and it is exactly those we would like to ensure a dignified farewell to.

Repatriere Decedati

Your deceased is often repatriated on your own, but hiring a funeral home, which supplies international repatriation services, is strongly recommended, mainly because it can do its job fast and expense efficiently. And what exactly is more, international repatriation by way of a funeral home will spare you worries, difficulties, and a lot of nerve-wracking situations.

If your previous section did not convince you and for anyone who is a »I-will-do-it-myself« type, I will give some guidelines anyway.

What ought to be accomplished for international repatriation?

First of all, you need to acquire complete documentation, permits and funeral equipment, necessary for repatriation of a body to another country.

1. Documentation:

- international certificate of death: it is usually acquired on the municipality that the death occurred;

- corpse pass: from the health inspection;

- registration of death;

- a doctors certificate on the cause of death: to generally be acquired on the doctor or coroner;

- identification documents with the deceased (ID-card or passport - passport is essential for transportation abroad, i.e. for destinations beyond your EU);

- post-mortem passport: required for destinations not inside the EU; can be acquired at embassies.

You will probably have to translate some of the documents, as an example death certificates, invoices, etc.

2. Funeral equipment

For international repatriation it is obligatory to transport the human body within a sealed metal coffin (contains a special tinplate container). Along the way of setting the seal, the inclusion of health inspector is very important, considering that the inspector is the one that actually seals the metal coffin. You will additionally require some other equipment, like wooden coffin, textile coverlet, plastic bag, and memorials (say for example a cross, festive blankets and tapestry).

3. Transportation

The deceased are transported either by air or by land. When you are in hurry, find and book a charter flight. If you want to use cheaper method of transportation, employ a funeral the location of repatriate the deceased by car. You are unable to transport the coffin alone with your personal car, for the reason that coffin will never fit into. Repatriation vehicles usually are personalized for all those purposes.

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