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The perfect colour pallette can substantially improve a room, colour and patterns can transform the atmosphere and model of an area.

To pick the right colour and pattern on your room you will need to evaluate the following questions first:-

Is your room light or dark, sunny or cold?

Can it be long and thing, or small yet high-ceilinged?

Exactly what is its use?

Careful planning prior to you making any changes assures a successful result.

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Picking out the style

Manufacturers produce a wide range of paints and papers, covering many colours, styles and textures. Sometimes the option can seem to be an excessive amount of to manage, making your decision trickier.

To help you, we shall advise you go on a picture of your own room and print it, take photocopies and make use of those to try out colour combinations and patterns. You may quickly find out what is useful for any room.

How colours are placed affect your living area.

A warm colour draws a surface towards you and can create a cosy effect.

An awesome colour takes the outer lining far from you and also creates feelings of space.

A dark colour draws a surface in your direction and can also have the ceiling seem lower.

Using both a dark floor colour and also a dark ceiling colour draws the 2 surfaces together.

Vertical stripes draw the attention upwards and so appear to heighten a room.

Large patters bring walls towards you and could be used to best effect in large rooms.

Small patterns, like cool colours, create an illusion of space.

Darker colour for the lower walls encloses the space; a light area above creates an illusion of space.

We have now a few years experience decorating interiors, should you would like another individual takes the hassle out from decorating your property please don't hesitate getting in contact with us. Our phone number might still be located on the our website.

The most common question we have asked is "how could i update my room without a complete redecoration".

The reply would be to improve elements within the room, like using one wall as a feature.

It is now a well known trend to decide on a wall inside a room to really make it an attribute. This is achieved by either painting one wall a contrasting colour on the remainer of the area or using wallpaper only on that wall.

When choosing a wall it's really a smart idea to consider any architectural features which you currently have, including, windows, fireplaces, archways etc to find out what works best. 

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