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Maria Sokoloff actress and singer

Marla Sokoloff experienced an engaged filming occupation throughout her child years, additionally it comes with modern day.

Presently Thirty five years of age, once you have married with Alec Puro she gave birth 2 children; Elliotte Puro & Olive Puro.

Following playing fundamentally the most unsuccessful portion of her huge profession as Lisa Janusch through the Mid 2001 movie “Sugar & Spice”, she retained active during the acting business.

She's recently been arriving as significant and supporting characters on several movies over the years.

She acted in movies like :

Starlett - Prairie Dogs (2001)

Marjorie - Freshman Orientation (2004)

Eve Stuckley - Love in the Side (2004)

Sarabeth Cohen - The Tollbooth (2004)

Rachel- The Drive (2005)

Ruth Mayer- Crazylove (2005)

Julie Larabee - Take part in the Game (2009)

Kiina - BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (2010)

Della - Gifts for Christmas (2010)

Meroux Wendy - The Chateau (2011)

Marianne - Scents and Sensibility (2011)

Maria Sokoloff actress and singer has set back living peacefully in San Francisco her birth-place. On age of

35 she's coping with her two wonderful children and Alec Pure, her 6 years older husband, after

a long relationship that crossed the boundary of greater than 7 years.

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