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The Reasons Why You Need Water Soluble Embroidery Backing

Water soluble embroidery backing is crucial have for any individual in the embroidery industry. Not simply would it be simple to cooperate with, this also produces amazing end products you can't get with another backing type. While you can actually use, there are some important top features of water soluble backing which might be worth knowing before you invest in the backing; what exactly it is, sew out applications and several need to know tricks for use.

What is it?

One common question among embroiders is what exactly is Water Soluble Fabric backing and it is it safe for embroidering any material. This type of backing can be applied as other backings are and torn away or washed away showing no residue when the project is finished. Most quality backing types are made from polyvinyl alcohol and are extremely friendly to most common fabrics including lace, velvet as well as other sensitive materials.

Applications for usage

These materials can be employed in on a variety of materials and applications. Most commonly water soluble stabilizer is used on projects where both side of a sew out is going to be seen for example scarves. Having said that, dissolvable stabilizer is also handy on heavy pile fabrics where embroidery could quite possibly disappear to the fabric, or backing shows through when the embroidery is done. Other common applications include knitwear, lace and in many cases materials where high numbers of facts are required. For materials responsive to water you could apply small quantities of water with a Q-tip or iron the backing away. It truly is clearly just about the most flexible stabilizers now available and can produce quality embroidery results many other materials can't.

Should Know Tips

The first and most essential tip when working with soluble embroidery materials is inclination towards moisture. The very best practice is to ensure they are inside a water-tight container to prevent them from deteriorating.

If working together with fabrics that don't respond well to water you could iron the backing away by just wetting a remnant piece, sticking it for the remaining backing, and ironing it until it's dry. Once it's dry you will be able to simply pull the backing outside the embroidery without having any symbol of the existing backing.

Lastly, when sewing on materials for example terry cloth, you can utilize the soluble backing to be a topping also boosting the stability. This will likely permit stronger support, and stronger, firmer embroidery. This can even be achieved through the use of multiple items of the backing materials placed together.

If you're trying to find a stabilizer that will truly perform, but is easy to use and take away, a water soluble base could be the prefect product. It creates well finished products without sacrificing style or aesthetics.

Mark Wasson would be the President of Gunold USA, a wholesale embroidery company selling embroidery supplies including water soluble backing along with other applications.

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