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A Man of Reason

Sergio Cortes, Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Health is usually a Braziliam doctor that goes one step further in terms of help folks need. Getting through a large number of challenges and health issues, Sergio acquired a nicely-deserved good name for his kindness and compassion. From contaminated water to fever epidemic, he or she is constantly attempting to keep Brazilians healthy. Mr. Cortes can also be linked to politics and he is making considerable attempts to increase the volume of health coverage.

Since 2007, Sergio has long been becoming State Secretary of Health on account of his impressive medical background and experience that made him an ideal fit for this particular position. Previously he has become a medical an affiliate Brazilian Olympic committee along with the Atlantic Olympic committee of 1996. Mr. Cortes is another qualified orthopedic surgeon being part of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

To become much even closer people with his fantastic help, Sergio Cortes launched his very own website to find a large volume of articles on various topics. Typically his articles offer advice for individuals affected by different form of pain, back problems by way of example. He emphasizes all significant reasons and our modern lifestyle which lead to serious health problems. Also, he highlights that today people ignore almost completely their health along with to handle many problems. Namely that ignorance is the primary reason we there are lots of ill people worldwide.

It is important to mention that his recent trip to affected residents of Xerem played significant role. Sine assisting citizens afflicted with any kind of disaster falls to the responsibility from the government, it truly is sergio cortes who proved it when visiting Xerem. As a result visit state leaders decided giving the region with another calamity kit to assist citizens fight the disaster. This area influenced by the flood only has one hydration center and this may not be enough for serving 300 residents. Also, the region is be subject to water-borne diseases, therefore the government wanted to increase the number of antibiotics and water to drink to maintain the hygiene. In addition, the residents are supplied with special training so that they are in a position to identify the signs of those diseases in an early stage to ensure that to avoid tragic consequences.

To read much more about the activity of Sergio Cortes along with his efforts taken to assist, go to http://extra.globo.com/noticias/rio/o-secretario-de-saude-sergio-cortes-acompanha-situacao-de-xerem-7208972.html

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