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GWC Valves Knows International Business Is determined by Strong Communication Skills

GWC Valves International knows something about operating in multiple countries, and multiple time zones all over the world. To have it right and produce valves for companies inside the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, and Petrochemical industries, communication skills are key.

Without able translators and experienced managers who can turn directives into action, we’d be lost. Without our team of employees who communicate to fix our clients’ toughest problems there would be no chance of success. Lastly, without GWC Valves’ expert understanding of our products and clients, there may be simply not a chance this international company could function.

At GWC Valve International we depend upon teams of translators operating in South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe to speak clearly and accurately with our clients so that we understand their project needs and design specifications. When we finally are sure that we clearly understand what it is our clients are trying to find, GWC’s managers over these countries arrive at work. Being a company we are able to proudly declare that GWC Valves are perfect for even toughest industrial jobs.

Since clear communication alone is simply not enough, the other pillar for operating a successful international company is teamwork and collaboration. Everyone at GWC is playing for the very same team, regardless if they work on different continents and you should not share a frequent language. All of us see the company’s mission and its particular type of products to ensure we could manufacture precision equipment for clients in a range of sectors that will get the job finished - whenever.

Thirdly, GWC employees and managers know to verify before they begin focusing on a project. Since miscommunication could potentially throw a project off schedule and off budget, our team members know to double check hence they verify that what was spoken is really what they understood. This is particularly important when running a business that operates on multiple continents in multiple timezones. The potential of a misunderstanding is big.

Finally, GWC Valves would not really a business leader if almost every person doing work for the company was without expert familiarity with our valve products and clients. It will be the team’s experience just as much as the products themselves which causes GWC a thriving international business. GWC valves are used in a lot more than 50 countries worldwide.

Whether you function in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical Manufacturing, Exploration and Production, Petrochemicals, or Mining & Minerals, GWC makes valves which can be appropriate for your business’s needs.

If you’re still not convinced, we encourage anyone to contact one of our global offices nearest for your requirements. After you’ve spoken into a GWC employee, you are going to realize why our strong communication skills and expertise in valves make us a global leader from the field. 

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