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Personal Development Blog - Top Three Factors Why you should Start?

It really has been a while since my last article and quite a few things had happened. So I'm back here in regards to what I've learned to love doing and that is writing. It has been over a year since i have started this site after attending an online Marketing Boot camp by Fabian Lim. I actually started my development blog just after 2 months through the course since we do a fitness on building a website landing page.

Why produce a blog from the start? It was actually an incredible start in my opinion to start in my journey about internet marketing and figure out how to use wordpress concurrently. Now, why blog about self improvement rather than about internet marketing or generate income online? During those occasions, I had been actually doing mlm and I've immersed myself a good deal about personal development materials. So I produced a commitment after learning it from Tony Robbins Unlimited Power concerning this word CANI meaning Constant And Never-ending Improvement. This inspired him to produce an English version of Japanese term kaizen, meaning improvement or change for the better. The closer meaning is continuous improvement since I've dealt with Japanese manufacturing company for several years. That's how I came into being my never-ending Personal Development Story. Oh moreover, I've ranked number 2 on Google for any keywords - personal development story.

I really believe that personal growth is a good decision I available. Here are a few best 3 logic behind why.

1. Anyone I become - tremendous changes have happened for me since I took this path. If you can ask my mother, before I think I have a very negative attitude one of the 4 siblings even I became the eldest. Now, it's the other way around, I actually have a confident mental attitude since the most dominant. I see my environment to be a reflection of myself. I am just more open and expanding my view around the world of unlimited possibilities.

2. Attract and inspire - Basically If I developed myself 10 times more imagine the amount I can affect my family and friends. Just recently, I gave lots of personal advice and a few inspirations to my brother who had been at his crossroad after failing an exam for 3 times. After sometime he was very thankful in my opinion for introducing him to Jim Rohn together with other inspiring references. A buddy of mine has also been inspired and started his blog after reading several of my posts. I must say that this law of attraction is proven to work. Here's an incredible attraction, someone from Michael E. Gerber Company (He is the best selling author of your E-Myth books series just for your information) contacted me to complete a joint venture in just one of his projects. How cool was that?

3. Time Value - time is the most important and precious resource that people have. I have a tv within my room having said that i seldom turn it on. I spend the majority of my time on reading books but more often enjoying audio books from my iPod. It has been a habit every time I travelled over a bus or MRT (Mass Rapid Transit here in Singapore) to listen for my audio books, in my workplace. Also I enjoy spend my amount of time in the general public library every time I have exhaust audio books to listen.

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