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Who had been the Marketing Caucus Tech Winner: Microsoft or Apple?

While the country watched the truth Television show-like reporting from the results of the Iowa Caucus yesterday, many might not have been conscious of there was clearly another competition simultaneously occurring for branding leadership in the technology world.

Your data was arriving quickly and accurately on account of Microsoft’s new platform produced for the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. Based on Microsoft:

We are honored to back up the 2016 Iowa Caucus with a new, mobile-enabled, cloud-based platform that could facilitate accuracy and efficiency of the reporting process. Beneath the new system, each Iowa political party can have their unique app on all mobile and PC platforms, which will keep the party’s unique caucus voting process. The reporting apps may be used in each and every precinct in Iowa by both sides. The results are going to be securely stored and managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

But what needs to have been a highly effective employee engagement investment turned ironic if the reporter on Fox News demonstrated the brand new Microsoft mobile app on his iPhone and after that cut back to the Fox News desk the location where the commentators all had Apple laptops in front of them, a blatant product placement.

My guess is always that seeing an iPhone in the demo to see the Apple laptops trumped (yes, I get the pun) the impact with the verbal explanation that Microsoft had came up with the reason last night’s data may be reported so instantaneously.

It is crucial for marketers, during age full-on digital and even in the technology segment, to observe classic, proven marketing disciplines, including knowing what the competitors is implementing. Microsoft, no doubt, invested heavily in the roll-out of the breakthrough platform. Toss in an apple iphone and 2 on-air Apple laptops, and the viewer confusion most likely gave the credit to the Apple brand.

Its’s a tricky marketing world on the market, however the classic principles are effective and necessary.

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