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GWC Valves Makes Equipment Designed for the World’s Toughest Jobs

At GWC Valves our company members understand that only valves made to by far the most exacting standards, with one of the most resilient industrial materials available can provide companies inside the natural resource sector with the amount of valves they can count on. Besides clients working in natural resources, GWC Valves International is proud to meet the needs of the needs of industrial clients doing work in Oil and Gas, Power, and Chemical Manufacturing.

Global users of GWC products conduct business in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, as well as the Middle East. That’s why our tools are created to withstand all climatic conditions and temperatures.

The company’s Cryogenic Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves service at temperatures right down to minus 196 degrees Celsius. These valves feature: Full and Reduced Bore, 2-3 Piece Body, an Anti-Blow Out Stem, Anti-Static Device, Firesafe to API-607/6FA, and Zero Emissions in the Stem.

GWC Valve International counts amongst the companies that use its products such well known firms as: Husky Oil Limited, Irving Oil, Pembina Pipelines, Shell Canada, Shell Chemical, along with the University of California, The San Diego Area. Management is proud to obtain clients from The United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe, as well as the Middle East.

GWC Valves’ Oilfield Floating Ball Valves can be bought in low and high pressure approximately 5,000 psi. These Ball Valves feature: 2 piece Threaded or Bolted Construction, Full and Reduced Bore, Anti-Blow Out Stem with Grease Fitting, Anti-Static Device, Firesafe Design, plus a Durable Locking Handle.

GWC Valves also manufactures precision Needle and Gauge Valves that may regulate pressure with accuracy at around 10,000 psi. GWC Needle and Gauge Valves have: Durable Bodies, Metal to Metal Back Seat, O-Ring Stem Seals and a Threaded Bonnet Connection.

To get a full profile in the products our business offers, you can visit the company’s website where you can browse GWC Valves’ Product Catalog. If you have questions that you want answered by a company representative, please feel free to contact the GWC office that’s nearest on your location. Our Customer Service Representatives will gladly assist you to.

If your small business is in search of quality valves that could handle all types of weather and industrial applications, you’ve come to the correct company. GWC Valves are available on job sites around the globe. They give quality, dependability, and long lives - leading them to be great for even your toughest assignments.

For more information about our Products, Standards, Certificates, and Global Users, you can go to our business website at: www.gwcvalve.com 

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