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Diversity within an International Company: GWC Valves International

Workplace diversity has become more required to remain competitive as global markets shift and grow. Diversity inside the workplace create many the opportunity to are more productive, and ultimately to create maximal profits. Within the past four decades, GWC Valves International has created a suggest promote mutual respect between employees and management in the company, fairness in job promotion and alternative party resolution, and reputation management for each and every individual in the company.

Diversity in the workplace promotes mutual respect. The valve manufacturing company knows that for an international company, they need to be open and welcoming to all of cultures and work methods. Consequently, GWC Valves has had healthy international interactions especially between their main offices in Milan, Italy, Bakersfield, California, as well as Dubai and China. To add, GWC has implemented non bias third parties to settle any internal conflicts between employees and management or management and management or employees and employees. Sometimes, GWC Valves has found that the processes go quickly because those involve in said conflict recognize that their differences and diversity can likely cause them to acquire a common goal. Diversity in a company maintains and builds employee relationships.

GWC Valves International has also realized that by using diverse employees (it is said that workers are what create a company come to life) the business` reputation is healthy. Once the business` reputation is healthy because of the positive internal relationships, it can result in long term profitability and opportunities for the company along with its employees. This has been shown with GWC since they have captured a lot of the global market share in their industry: natural resources equipment. To add, since GWC Valve International operates in numerous countries worldwide, management knows it is important to promote those that have culturally diverse backgrounds to allow them to increase the company`s opportunities in foreign countries. Popular with international markets create 2 types of opportunities for GWC workers: international markets create opportunities for potential workers with diverse language skills and international markets open doors for workers with multicultural familiarity with foreign markets and approaches to make profit off of them.

Thus, GWC Valves International is a perfect type of an organization that displays diversity on the public but truly practices it behind closed doors to optimize productivity. Staff are a great deal more productive after they enjoy their work especially who they are doing it with. GWC Valves intends on continuing to rehearse diversity domestically and internationally.

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