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GWC Valves Knows the necessity of Understanding Your Target Market

Here at GWC Valves International, our organization knows a thing or two about understanding the importance of our target markets, and tailoring our product offerings accordingly. We sell our extensive line of valve and flow control products to continents that span the globe, including: America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and also the Middle East.

Over the decades GWC Valves has necessary to implement sophisticated market segmentation solutions to better understand and accommodate the markets and sectors our business serves.

Using Geographic segmentation, the management team at GWC Valves is able to understand the needs of oil production and refining companies operating in the center East in addition to we all know the business climate and regulatory frameworks that companies in America must operate within. Geographic segmentation isn’t just important - it’s one of several earliest steps to owning a successful international business.

Our ‘people power’ can be something we pride ourselves on. Though GWC is recognized for making valves and flow control systems that really work from the world’s toughest climates, and most demanding job sites, what we’re proudest of is our employees.

GWC’s employees and managers are invaluable with regards to understanding and accommodating the markets GWC valve and flow control merchandise is sold to. They are able to apply Demographic Segmentation, whereby appliances are tailored to a market based upon that market’s perceived advantages of exactly what the service provides. At the same time we have now employees devoted to Firmographic segmentation, that is primarily found in Business-to-Business markets.

Another tool to segment and see the markets we serve is Behavioural segmentation. This divides consumers into groups in accordance with their knowledge of, and attitude towards, GWC Valves’ product offerings. Many marketers believe (as should we) that behavioural variables are among the best points for starting to build market segments.

Knowing, understanding, and accommodating the markets that GWC serves wouldn’t mean much whenever we didn’t have customer retention in mind when building our business plans. Be certain, perform.

When preparing for customer retention GWC Valves managers be aware of important questions you should ask: Is it customer in a dangerous of cancelling a contract? Is that this customer at heavy risk of switching to our competitors? Is definitely the customer worth retaining? What retention tactics should be employed to keep this customer?

Through knowing, understanding, and accommodating the clients we serve, GWC Valves continues to grow its business to the point where our client roster now includes: Berry Petroleum, Enbridge Energy Encana, the Kenya Pipeline Co., Parker Drilling, and several other highly respected companies.

For more information on the products or services GWC Valves International offers, you can visit our website at: http://gwcvalve.com 

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