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GWC Valves International Is Honored on Cultural Diversity & Creative Employees

GWC Valves International has offices in California, Texas, Italy, China, plus the United Arab Emirates. Perform business in The United States, South America, Europe, Africa, along with the Middle East. Due to this GWC owners and managers understand the significance of respecting the diverse traditions and values of our own employees. This is certainly particularly important when owning a multinational firm that operates all over the Earth.

In The United States we understand that the Fourth of July and Canada Day are landmark holidays. These dates are resources for national pride, and if they fall throughout the working week, offices are usually closed to be a general practice.

For clients in Columbia who purchase our extensive brand of valve and flow control products, Wednesday, July 20, 2016, is definitely not a business day. It marks Columbia’s Declaration of Independence.

For every country GWC Valves does business in, we observe the holidays that country recognizes.

The same goes for celebrating our employees, whatever their religion, gender, and sexual orientation. GWC Valve makes certain that milestones from the lives in our workers are recognized, as well as their successes celebrated. Personnel are the backbone of each and every successful company, and GWC Valves is no exception to this rule.

Management at GWC Valves believes that celebrating diversity and hiring those that have diverse backgrounds and skill sets makes our company stronger. Reports have proven that being offered to new experiences and perspectives on life allows website visitors to become more creative, well-rounded those people who are better capable of bring about the business.

Scott Barry Kaufman, the Scientific Director of the Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania knows the Number 1 thing you must do to raise your creativity. That thing is going to be accessible to new experiences. By utilizing an assorted workforce, GWC Valves workers are confronted with new experiences and means of thinking every day.

Like many firms we value employees who are creative problem solvers. And we encourage managers at our office locations to have actions that could foster creativity on the job.

What’s the 2nd how to boost creativity, you ask? Having a walk. Yes, it is actually that easy. To quote Henry David Thoreau: “The moment my legs start to move, my thoughts start to flow.” Choosing a long walk to empty your head is ideal for both creativity and stress relief. Plus, it’s exercise.

For more information on the products GWC Valves International offers, you can go to our website at: http://gwcvalve.com

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