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GWC Valves Makes Technology You Could Depend Upon

GWC Valves International prides itself on making valve technology that companies from the natural resource sector can be determined by. Not only this, companies operating in Oil and Gas, Power, and Chemical Manufacturing also use GWC whenever they need valves equipped to handle industrial numbers of material.

Among the company’s most popular products may be the One Piece Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves Top Entry. According to your company’s specific needs, this valve can be manufactured with carbon, alloy, and stainless. This type of sort of GWC Valve incorporates a 1 Piece Body, Full and Reduced Bore, Trunnion Mounted, Double Block and Bleed, Anti-Blow Out Stem and Anti-Static Device.

For clients from the Oil and Gas sector our company offers the High Performance Butterfly Valve - ideal for the shutoff and throttling command over liquids and gasses alike. Management is especially proud of the standard of GWC’s High End Butterfly Valves simply because they feature: a Double Eccentric Disc-Shaft, Anti-Blow Out Stem, Bi-Directional Firesafe Design Available, Low Friction Body Seat and Zero Leakage with Soft Seat.

As well as for particularly tough jobs, GWC Valves has your needs covered likewise. Forged Steel Gate, Globe, and look Valves because of their Solid Wedge and Single Piece Stem Design are tough enough for almost any job on this planet.

GWC Valve International counts on the list of firms that use its products such popular firms as: Husky Oil Limited, Irving Oil, Pembina Pipelines, Shell Canada, Shell Chemical, as well as the University of California, The San Diego Area. Management is proud to have clients from The United States, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe, plus the Middle East.

For an entire breakdown with the products our group offers, you can check out the company’s website that enable you to browse GWC Valves’s Product Catalog. If you have questions that you want answered from a company representative, please you can also contact the GWC office that’s nearest to your home in the world. One of our Support Services Representatives will be happy to give you a hand.

Keep in mind that if you’re searching for quality valves that can handle all kinds of weather and industrial applications, you’ve come to the correct company. GWC Valves International can be located on job sites across the globe. They feature quality, dependability, and long lives - leading them to be well suited for even your toughest assignments.

To understand more about our Products, Standards, Certificates, and Global Users, you can check out our business website at: www.gwcvalve.com 

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